AEMK - Associação Estavam e Maria Kovacsik

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Important Information

About undergoing the therapy

To undergo the therapy is necessary to have a medical diagnosis. No therapist who offers MK has jurisdiction and is authorized to perform any kind of diagnosis as well as go in the name of the Kovacsik Method to do the analysis of the environment of a house or other place, and especially to guide you not to use the Insulator. Should this happen, notify us immediately.

The therapy does not interfere in any way with conventional treatments or other therapies. The only authorized individual to diagnose diseases, prescribe and administer medicine under the law is a physician.

Important Notices about the method Kovacsik

The Method Kovacsik:

- is now classified as a complementary therapy, which includes the evaluation of natural energies based on the techniques of dowsing and energizing the body of living beings through the use of metal parts developed by Mr. Estevam Kovacsik;

  • - although the efficacy observed in the long time it is offered has no official public recognition of their existence or effectiveness;
  • - is usually offered by complementary therapists. In certain cases, physicians;
  • - is offered through free care;
  • - does not indicate or minister drugs and does not impose or suggest a direct or indirect abandonment of medical treatment;
  • - is not alternative medicine, but complementary to the set of knowledge and skills beneficial to the health of the body of living beings.

By law the only person authorized to indicate and diagnose diseases and drug delivery is the doctor.

The Kovacsik Method offers no infallible cure and does not have official recognition of its existence or effectiveness.