AEMK - Associação Estavam e Maria Kovacsik

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AEMK takes the Kovacsik Method to Europe


After the great development that AEMK had in the last three years in Brazil, reaching more than 60 “Palces of Care”, we are beginning the work of dissemination and accessibility of Kovacsik Method for cancer in Europe. To this purpose, we are providing lectures and training to open new service locations. The attendance should be offered by volunteers and the care should be free.

For those who feel interested please contact us at:

To learn more about the Kovacsik Method for cancer we recommend visiting our website: It is in English, Portuguese and Spanish. We also have a reduced version in: French, Mandarin, Arabic and Turkish.

We also recommend watching the documentary "From the origin to the end of cancer" (104 minutes). The audio is in Portuguese, but has subtitles in English and Spanish. Just select them in the Youtube window itself: