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Nessa página você encontra diversos vídeos interessantes abordando de formas distintas e sobre diversos prismas o Método Kovacsik. Temos palestras, entrevistas para TV e rádio, instrutivos, o documentário, sobre Pontos de Atendimento e depoimentos.

The correct use of the Insulator CK - AEMK

The correct use of the Insulator CK - AEMK

CORRECT USE OF CK INSULATOR (CK Insulator - Large) Correct use of the insulator is an essential part of therapy. If the person does not use the isulator or uses it incorrectly, it will harm or nullify the therapy. The insulator interrupts harmful vibration from the contaminated underground water vein and/or sewage pipe. The insulator can be used by healthy people. Its use is essential for people who have undergone therapy. The use of the insulator is not for a limited time. It must be used for life. Website: The Kovacsik Method: It is a therapy that encompasses the assessment of natural energies based on radiesthesia techniques and the energization of the body of living beings through the use of metallic parts developed by Mr. Estevam Kovacsik; Despite the effectiveness observed over the long period of its offering, there is no official public recognition of its existence or effectiveness; It is typically offered by complementary therapists. In some cases by doctors; It is offered through free or paid service; It does not diagnose diseases, does not indicate or administer medications and does not directly or indirectly impose or suggest the abandonment of medical treatment; and is not an alternative to medicine, but complementary to the set of knowledge and techniques beneficial to the health of the body of living beings. By law, the only person authorized to diagnose illnesses and indicate and administer medications is the doctor. The Kovacsik Method does not offer a foolproof cure.